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Informed, timely and caring educational support is at the heart of all good schools. Aware that learning difficulties can be experienced by a broad spectrum of children, including the brightest, Terrington’s staff are alert to any indication that a child may be in need of extra help or intervention.

This may be via routine class assessment, behavioural observations or concerns raised by parents. Whatever the source, the school is primed for early identification and is committed to ensuring that appropriate support is given. At all stages of the process, the wishes of the child are taken into consideration alongside those of their parents and the views of the teaching staff.

Our small class sizes ensure that we are able to meet the requirements of children who require additional support within the normal school curriculum as well as challenge our Able, Gifted and Talented (AGT) pupils.

At Terrington we can make provision for frequently occurring special educational needs through a process of assess, plan, do and review and a graduated response.

Under the guidance of a dedicated Head of Learning support, the school uses a range of teaching approaches outside of high quality teaching in the classroom and as advised by internal and external assessments. For example, one to one tutoring, precision teaching, mentoring, small group teaching and use of ICT.

There is no additional charge for this level of learning support.