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We do all that we can to promote good health and healthy lifestyles with the aim of our pupils remaining fit and well while they are at School and our caring, nurturing environment helps to build a sense of community so that pupils feel supported.

The Head of Boarding is the first port of call for medical needs for children from Year 3. Parents provide written authorisation for over-the-counter medicines to be administered in school and we keep a log of all medication given to pupils. Parents are informed of any treatment needed by their child. The Head of Boarding is also the main point of contact for allergies/food intolerances for all children throughout the school.

We have direct contact with the local GP surgery and can organise emergency care for injured or acutely ill pupils.

We recognise that it is not only physical support that a pupil may need and the school is committed to prioritising wellbeing through excellent pastoral care, a proactive approach towards promoting resilience, openly communicating about wellbeing issues and providing support where needed. Terrington Hall recently hosted a mental health training course for senior leaders, delivered by Compass BUZZ, with a focus on building a whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing.