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Meal times are hugely important to us at Terrington Hall. We see them as a social occasion where pupils and staff have the opportunity to share conversation while they eat, much as you would around the family dinner table.

Lunch is served in the dining hall, starting at noon for Pre-Prep to Year 3. The second sitting is for Year 4 to Year 8. Staff head the tables and ensure that table manners are promoted and observed, as well as guiding the conversation and listening to the children’s interests and achievements. Through nurturing and encouraging new tastes, staff help to ensure that children are eating a sufficient amount to see them through their active school days.

Our fantastic team of catering staff provide nourishing and appetising food for breakfast, lunch and supper that is appropriate for growing pupils. We are proud to use the best quality fresh meat, fruit and vegetables sourced from local suppliers.

Children are provided with fresh fruit as a snack every morning and afternoon fruit is available as a pudding option at lunch and supper. Requests for additional fruit at other times during the day are never turned down. There is a salad bar option available at lunchtime on a rotational basis for children in the Prep School. Pre-Prep are provided with a selection of sliced raw vegetables at the table. At supper time all children may take a salad option if they so wish.

When the children are on excursions, the school catering team supplies healthy packed lunches, which include a choice of freshly made sandwiches, fruit and a bottle of water.

We cater for special dietary needs and allergies and Prep School children have the opportunity to contribute to the development of catering through the School Council.

Our goal is to provide menus that are nutritious, varied and enjoyable, using locally produced foods and we balance this with the feedback we get from pupils and parents.

If you have any questions about the above menus or any other aspect of catering at Terrington Hall School, please contact our Catering Manager Joseph Rowson, catering@terringtonhall.com who will be happy to assist.