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Pastoral care is at the heart of all we do. Our school environment is one within which our children feel secure, confident and valued and this is reflected in our happy, healthy school community.

Our inclusive and caring ethos is based firmly on traditional family values with fairness, respect and consideration for others endorsed and promoted in all aspects of school life. Sitting with the children during family-style dining at lunchtime and spending time with them both in and out of the classroom helps us to get to know every individual child and enables staff to quickly identify and address any potential issues or concerns.

Small class sizes afford teachers quality time to spend with each child and free-flow of communication is actively encouraged between parents and school. The door is always open for parents to share family news, problems or stories of success.

We put great value on the mental health and wellbeing of everyone in our school community and it is very important to us that our pupils know they can speak to any adult about any worries or concerns. Pupils all have a class teacher or form tutor who has primary responsibility for their pupils’ pastoral and academic oversight. There is also a Head of each of the three areas of the school, the Deputy Head and the independent listener for pupils to turn to as well as the Head of Boarding, the Headmaster's wife and the office staff. Every member of staff is there to support every child, to the very best of their ability.


House system

There are three Houses at Terrington Hall: Ruby; Sapphire; Jade. Each house as two year 8 House Captains and a Year 8 Games Captain, as well as a leading staff member. Children are allocated to a House at the start of Year 3.

Houses give children a sense of belonging and a common purpose beyond themselves as individuals. House points (via the Class Dojo system) are awarded for effort, improvement, academic achievement, sport and contribution to the school. In addition to earning house points, children can gain bronze, silver and gold certificates, which are awarded in our weekly house assembly.

Inter-house competitions such as Sports Day, quizzes, the swimming gala and art exhibition encourage the children to participate in wide range of activities for their House. Headmaster’s Commendations, worth five house points, are awarded for exceptional endeavour in all aspects of school life. School colours are awarded for outstanding endeavour in specific areas of school life, and are awarded alongside seven house points.

On Saturdays, we use our House assembly time to reward achievement in a formal manner. We believe that the formality of this assembly helps to prepare children for future formal events, and provides an opportunity to contribute to the progress of their own House.



Social education at Terrington is designed to foster confidence and responsibility amongst all pupils and build self-esteem, resilience and empathy. Through PSHCE lessons, pupils develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to keep themselves healthy and safe, and prepare for life and work in modern Britain. Lessons are timetabled weekly, and these lessons are complemented through form time discussions, assemblies and discussions across all subjects. We believe in a holistic approach to pastoral care, including PSHCE.



We do all that we can to promote good health and healthy lifestyles with the aim of our pupils remaining fit and well while they are at School and our caring, nurturing environment helps to build a sense of community so that pupils feel supported.

The Head of Boarding is the first port of call for medical needs for children from Year 3. Parents provide written authorisation for over-the-counter medicines to be administered in school and we keep a log of all medication given to pupils. Parents are informed of any treatment needed by their child. The Head of Boarding is also the main point of contact for allergies/food intolerances for all children throughout the school.

We have direct contact with the local GP surgery and can organise emergency care for injured or acutely ill pupils.

We recognise that it is not only physical support that a pupil may need and the school is committed to prioritising wellbeing through excellent pastoral care, a proactive approach towards promoting resilience, openly communicating about wellbeing issues and providing support where needed. Terrington Hall recently hosted a mental health training course for senior leaders, delivered by Compass BUZZ, with a focus on building a whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing.