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At Terrington Hall, we are keen to offer our pupils life-enriching opportunities to develop their skills, confidence and understanding beyond the classroom.

Day Trips

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Pupils take part in a wide variety of local and national competitions and experiences. These include sports fixtures, music performances, art trips, maths challenges, science days and quiz championships.

Every year group from Nursery onwards enjoys regular school trips. These carefully planned outdoor education experiences offer age-appropriate and stimulating activities to put the learning subject into context.

Residential Trips

From Year 3 onwards, all pupils at Terrington are encouraged to participate in our residential trips. Combining adventure and fun, they give pupils the freedom to discover, learn and explore the wider world in a safe, stimulating environment.

Pupils start with shorter residential trips and the annual Terrington Hall campout. As well as building life skills, self-esteem and confidence, such experiences begin the preparations for the two big adventures in France in Year 7 and Year 8.

Our Year 7s enjoy a week canoeing down the Ardeche Gorge. First, they learn how to paddle and steer, then they take on some of the rapids and finally they pack all they need for two days on the water and an overnight bivi and set off through the national park. Challenging rock jumps encourage the facing of fear. Working together in the boat promotes teamwork and communication. Sleeping out under the stars provides an experience they will not ever forget and the infamous ‘Pink Pasta’ dinner teaches them that when hungry, even the least appetising of food can be delicious!

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Year 8 visit the Alps. They enjoy a challenging week of rock climbing and white water rafting, interspersed with mountain climbing and fresh water swimming. The highlight for them in the Via Ferrata – a 1000ft iron stairway, straight up a cliff face. These activities encourage children to face their fears, challenge themselves and overcome their instinct to stay within their comfort zone.

Such experiences show children that they can achieve anything, that the world is out there for them to explore and that taking calculated risk leads to high reward. Every child benefits from these experiences and they all return walking slightly taller and a little more confident that life’s opportunities are theirs for the taking.

We also run an optional Ski Trip for children and families from Year 3 and above.