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Terrington Hall offers many exciting opportunities for the children to enjoy the world outside of the classroom. Trips build upon topics learnt in the classroom and are selected carefully so that they are educational, fun and ‘hands on’.

During the last academic year a magical day of outdoor exploration and learning was enjoyed by the children of Year One at the Yorkshire Arboretum, Castle Howard.

Following up on their classroom topic work on minibeasts, the excited young explorers discovered creepy crawlies in abundance under upturned logs and dank corners of the woodland floor, soaked up all manner of ‘busy bee’ facts and tried their hand at ‘explorienteering’.

preprep trips photo1Reception class enjoyed a day at Scarborough where the children employed all their senses during a walk along the harbour’s edge before visiting one of the oldest lifeboat stations of the British Isles.

Having sampled the wares at a seafood stall, it was time to sit on the waterfront sketch the lighthouse and fishing vessels and all the exciting things they could see.

Nursery and Reception’s topic on farming and animals came to life during two exciting visits. At Flamingo Land’s Muddy Duck Farm, a particular highlight was spotting the new tiger cub. An enjoyable morning was also spent on a local farm where they saw young piglets, newborn lambs and learned about the process by which their food – cereals, bread, meat and vegetables - is produced and arrives on their tables. Both visits inspired some super writing and artwork.

We also welcome expert visitors to school to inspire and enhance the children’s learning.

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