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There is much to be gained from studying a Classical language. Latin provides pupils with a good grounding in grammar, syntax and vocabulary and boosts their understanding of other modern languages. It also provides training for the mind and helps pupils to think systematically and adopt a logical approach to problem solving.

Pupils in Year 6 to Year 8 are taught in sets according to aptitude. Whilst much of the emphasis in the Upper Prep is on preparing pupils in the best possible way for the Common Entrance exam, of which Latin is a core subject, of equal importance is that every child feels a sense of achievement from studying Latin.

Pupils continue their exploration of the ancient culture and history and develop their background knowledge of Greek Myths and Legends. Top set pupils have the opportunity to study Ancient Greek in Year 8.

The Common Entrance syllabus requires fluency in the translation, comprehension and grammar of Latin and provides an opportunity for pupils to stretch their minds. Scholarship and Common Entrance examinations in Latin are held in high regard by the senior schools and many of our pupils leave at the end of Year 8 fully prepared to sit GCSEs in Latin and Greek.