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At Terrington Hall we are passionate about learning languages. With Spanish in particular being one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world, it is a vital area of our curriculum and one that we value highly.

In Upper Prep, the pupils continue to progress as confident language learners. From Year 7 the children also learn French and so, with very few exceptions, children leave us at the end of Year 8 with a level of competence in two modern foreign languages. This is in addition to their Latin studies, which also helps lay the foundation for further language learning.

Programme content is interesting, rigorous, stimulating and useful. In Year 7 and Year 8 trips to the Ardeche and Alps provide an array of exciting outdoor adventures and the opportunity for children to immerse themselves in the French language and culture as well as to put their language learning into a real context.

We are extremely proud of the pupils’ success in Common Entrance examinations, and senior schools invariably comment on the standard of languages of Terrington Hall pupils. Indeed many then follow an accelerated programme, taking GCSE languages a year, or even two years, early.

Pupils and teachers understand the opportunities languages can provide with many children going on to study Modern Foreign Languages at University. Moreover, the experiences on offer at Terrington provide the pupils with an unsurpassable feeling of success and the love for learning language that stays with them forever.

We spoke to Head of Modern Foreign Languages Mme Grant about why she believes learning a foreign language is an investment for the future. Read the interview here.