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A multitude of opportunities awaits pupils in Year 7 and Year 8. It is at this stage when children can enjoy their status as long-established, senior members of the school. Extra responsibilities help them to develop confidence and find their place within our school community and they become excellent role models for younger pupils.

upperprep year7 year8 photo1There are many benefits to joining Terrington Hall in Year 7. Often parents are comforted by the knowledge that their child will not have to move directly to a large school where the pupil numbers and wide gap in ages can be daunting for an 11 year old. Instead, they will join a smaller school with a maximum of 200 pupils all aged between 3 and 13 years. In Terrington’s nurturing and safe environment, children are able to make mistakes and grow in confidence so that when the time comes to move on at the end of Year 8, they are especially well equipped to handle the next stage of their education.

Children are at a crucial developmental stage when they are 11 to 13 years old (Years 7 – 8). Although not cosseted from the outside world, our pupils are better able to grow up at their own pace. By remaining in a familiar environment, with the same friends, teachers and support staff, the unsettling and confusing physical and emotional changes associated with early adolescence can be easier to navigate.

Fostering trust and personal responsibility, Year 8 are given certain privileges, including the chance to visit the village shop. We encourage independence and the development of character through opportunities for leadership and responsibility such as prefects, house captains, reading buddies and mentors.

The Common Entrance syllabus is challenging and stimulating and pupil progress monitored to ensure everyone reaches his or her academic potential. Open and regular communication allows parents and staff to work in close partnership ensure that the transition to senior school – whether that be one of our many excellent independent day schools, a boarding school further afield or a maintained school – is as smooth as possible. We prepare children for pre-tests, entrance examinations and interviews and have an excellent record of pupils achieving scholarships to their senior schools of choice.

In addition to the core subjects, there is extensive coverage of other subject areas, such as modern foreign languages, Latin, Greek, ICT, Music, Drama, Sport and Art plus personal, social and health education.

In addition, almost all pupils take full advantage of the wide programme of extra-curricular and evening activities, eagerly signing up for boarding on an occasional or flexi basis which is in itself excellent preparation for those considering a senior boarding school.

Two expeditions round off our pupils’ years with us: the Year 7 trip to the Ardèche Gorge where, amongst other activities, they complete a two-day descent of the Durance River, and the Year 8 mountaineering and white water rafting expedition to the Alps, both truly exceptional experiences for pupils of this age.

Children move on to their senior schools as confident, polite, resilient young people, who are fully prepared for the challenges ahead.